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Introducing The Armstrong Estate – a luxury family-owned outdoor boutique venue nestled on 26 acres of beautiful forest and flower fields. Our European-inspired restored stone house built in 1859 and our landscaped gardens are beautiful on their own but are also the perfect background for your dream elopement or micro-wedding.

Designed and operated by a WPIC-certified wedding planner with a keen eye for interior design, our property venue was intentionally created for the romantic couple who is charmed by intimate European destination weddings and want that same exquisite experience close to home.

We are located in Spencerville, Ontario, Canada (40 minutes south of Ottawa, 2 hours west of Montreal and 3.5 hours east of Toronto).

A beautiful outdoor space that has everything you need for an intimate gathering, every wedding held at The Armstrong Estate is thoughtfully designed with your needs in mind. With our wide selection of ceremony locations and settings, we can help you create a unique and custom look for your dream day.

So many wedding venues are just a building — an address to put on your invitations and spend an evening in. The Armstrong Estate is different — we aim to create a luxurious experience surrounded by nature and inspire timeless love with romantic gardens and meadows.

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The wedding industry can be very bad for the environment, so we do our part in helping reducing our environmental impact. We support local small businesses whenever possible, and buy products that are aligned with our views on creating a cleaner and more sustainable future.

We reuse and recycle whenever possible to reduce products ending-up in landfills after a single use. We promote classic looks rather than trends.

During the warmer months, we work with florists that source their flowers locally as much as possible, and that are grown responsibly.

We treat everyone with respect, and do not tolerate discrimination or bullying.

We believe in paying the vendors that we work with in a fair and sustainable way. We give back to our local community and economy by purchasing shares in a small local organic farm that gives fresh organic produce to food banks in the area. This support is exponential. It not only financially supports a small organic farm that promotes sustainable agriculture, but it also helps those in need in our local community by providing them with access to fresh organic vegetables, which in turn helps their health. This is something we strongly believe in and support whenever we can.

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