What Is An Elopement or a Micro-Wedding?

March 9, 2021

You have probably heard the words elopement or micro-wedding a lot in the recent years, and even more so recently. But many don’t know what exactly is an elopement? And what’s a micro-wedding? Many people might think that an elopement is only what happens in movies or when somebody rushes to get married at City hall. The reality is that, in 2021, elopements are far from what they were decades ago! And micro-weddings have made a more recent appearance because that’s what couples wanted.

The numbers

While the two terms elopement and micro-wedding can be used interchangeably, one of the main difference between an elopement and a micro-wedding is basically the number of guests you have, and the type of celebration you have. A micro-wedding is basically a mini wedding, typically anything under 50 guests, although it is most often 30 people and under, while elopements are generally anything from 0 to 10 guests or so. A micro-wedding is very similar to a full wedding with a ceremony and reception, but with less guests, while an elopement has a bit more freedom in its design and location, and the couple can do pretty much whatever they want. Some might choose to elope in their own backyard with a few close family and friends, while others will hike to the top of a mountain with only a couple of witnesses. The choice is yours. There are no wrong answers here!

Reasons to elope or have a micro-wedding

While the term elopement might make you think of couples rushing to City Hall to get married in a hurry, or in the spur-of-the-moment, like in the movies, but nowadays, couples choose to elope or have a micro-wedding for many different reasons. For example, for some couples with strict religious or cultural traditions, that might mean the possibility of having the wedding they really want on a small scale, or elope just the two of them, and then having a larger wedding honouring their traditions or culture later on. For many couples, it simply means having the wedding they truly want, with all of the luxury touches and details they want, without the stress and expenses of a large wedding. They want an intimate event with their close family members and friends, or even no guests at all for that “true elopement” feeling. They want the full package experience but without the headache of dealing with a huge guests list, and trying to please everyone.

The Details

While we often forget, in the excitement of planning it, it’s important to remember that a wedding is the celebration of love and commitment between 2 people. The ceremony is important. For most elopements, the ceremony is the main part of the event. Time and money will be spent to make the location and decor the way you really want it, because this is it! Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little celebration after like a nice dinner, or a simple cocktail reception, or even just some cake and toasts. You can do what you want! A micro-wedding will typically have the same elements of a traditional wedding, with a beautiful ceremony followed by a reception, but again, with a lot less guests. Both elopements and micro-weddings are highly personalized and customizable to your tastes and desires. Because you have less guests, you can really treat your guests (and you as a newlywed couple) to beautiful, delicious, and luxurious things. Your floral budget can create an incredible small space. All in all, you get to create a beautiful, memorable, and authentic experience to remember forever.

In the end, no matter how many guests you decide to have for your wedding or micro-wedding, or even have no guests at all and elope, it’s important that you are comfortable with it, because it is after all, truly YOUR day!

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